Sunday, September 10, 2006
John over at Confessing Evangelical has a NAAACL post in which he deconstructs a bogus poll about 9/11.

Good work, John. I was in London that day, and the amount of support I recieved from the Brits was amazing. I was stranded in London for a week (I had been scheduled to fly home on 9/12), and when a flight finally came available, I took a cab from Wandsworth (which was the only place I could find an affordable hotel) to Heathrow. The cab fare was in the neighborhood of 30 pounds ($50, at the time). The cabby said the ride was free, but asked me to donate the equivalent amount to the Red Cross when I was back home. Which I did.

I will also never forget the TV image of the Liverpool FC fans singing their trademark club song, Elvis Presley's You'll Never Walk Alone, with American flags waving throughout the stadium.