Tuesday, February 06, 2007
And still, over at Daylight, the debate rages on. The new post is here; tolle lege. Of particular interest is McCain's first reply to the post, which is the sixth comment overall.

He first demonstrates that he misunderstands Rick's post completely. He understands Rick to be saying that
[Rick] do[es] not agree with the Lutheran Confessions nor do[es he] regard [himself] as bound to them.
Where McCain gets the data to draw this conclusion is a mystery; we do know, however, that it did not come from Rick's post. What line, what statement could possibly lead to McCain's conclusion? I don't see it.

The question Rick asks is NOT "are the Confessions correct"; the question he asks is "WHAT are the Confessions doing, and WHY are they doing it?" This is no more an impious question on Rick's part than it is impious in the Small Catechism, when it says, "What does this mean?" Furthermore, Rick leaves the ENTIRE question open. He left the doors WIDE OPEN for an interesting discussion; but McCain, whose nostrils are infected with the pungence of perfidy, senses only malice.

The real kicker however is this gem of a paragraph:
The extent to which you continue to kick against the goads on the issue of the Holy Spirit's use of the Law in your lfie [sic] as a regenerate Christian, to exhort you and to guide you to keep doing good works makes me truly wonder if there is not another issue at work here, and to you I say the same thing I say to Kobra: "I seem to have touched on a very sensitive issue in your life and hit a very raw nerve. Is there some sin you need to confess?" If so, please seek out your pastor for personal confession and absolution.
People need to realize that McCain has NEVER MET Rick Ritchie. Never laid eyes on him; couldn't pick him out in a crowd. But somehow, using his crystal ball and his magic faerie dust (he is Irish after all...), he has discerned that Rick has unconfessed sin in his life. Isn't this how those hucksters on TV operate?

Did McCain not even read in Rick's own comments where Rick says,
You could do 3rd Use without doing Law Gospel Law. I've heard some good sermons that were 3rd Use of the Law-Gospel sermons.
There it is: black on beige. Rick agrees that good sermons can include the Third Use. (I imagine McCain saying, "Oh no! That's not enough! Unless he says that they MUST include the Third Use, he's not REALLY a Lutheran.")

I know Rick Ritchie; I lived with him for five years. Aside from my own Father, I don't know a man with more integrity and honesty than Rick. His friendship and counsel have helped me keep my ship on a steady course for years, and I've had some crises that I very well may not have survived without him. The Blessed Holy Spirit used Rick to keep me in the faith when I was all but gone. I have witnessed him struggle; I have stood next to him in church when we prayed and confessed along with our other Brothers and Sisters in the Faith that we are sinners in need of forgiveness. We have fought and disagreed; he has always forgiven me, and I him.

I have witnessed Rick love his neighbor, because I AM Rick's neighbor.

I am done with this; I will listen to these [8th commandment edit] accusations no more.

God forgive me, a sinner...