Thursday, October 26, 2006
The Republican National Committee ought to be ashamed of itself. Ken Mehlman should resign by the end of the day tomorrow.

First, watch this video of the attack ad on Harold Ford, the Democrat Candidate for senate in Tenessee.

This ad is not suggestively racist. It is not covertly racist. It is outright, overtly, and intentionally racist. Some sceptics (like the Freepers here) doubt that it's racist, and Ken Mehlman says he doesn't see it.

Well, retards, here's the explanation. I'll try to keep it simple for your little brains.

First of all, in the opening sequence, we learn that black women vote for good looking men. Not smart men; not qualified men. Just good looking men. But the key is the blonde bimbo in the ad.

She shows up first in the middle of the ad, saying she had met Harold Ford "at the Playboy Party." This is the setup: it puts the categories "white woman" and "sex" into the viewers' minds. Hold that thought for a minute.

The ad plays on fear, which is nothing new, nearly all political ads do.

  • The First Fear is the fear of the "good looking" but vapid politician: think Dan Quayle or Robert Wexler.
  • The Second Fear is the fear of terror. Perhaps this is a legitimate concern about Ford, I don't know.
  • The Third Fear is the fear of estate taxes. A vastly overstated fear.
  • The Fourth Fear is gun control. A legitimate concern; so legitimate in fact, that this issue alone deserves its own ad.
  • The Fifth Fear...oops, here's the bimbo...doing the setup for the ULTIMATE FEAR.
Where were we? Oh, yes...
  • The Fifth Fear is the marriage tax fear, which blatantly misrepresents Ford's position.
  • The Sixth Fear is North Korea, which, again, is a legitimate concern and I don't know Ford's position.
  • The Seventh Fear is tainted money, which given the jack Abramoff fiasco right now, is a case of Republicans in Glass Houses throwing stones.

Yep, folks, it's anti-miscegenation all over again. Roll back your calendars to 1966. (1966? That's not so far back! But that's as far as you need to go until you find anti-miscegenation laws still on the books. Which means, of course, that there are a lot of people still living now who remember the good ol' days.) If you can, roll 'em back even farther! Let's go back to the turn of the (20th) century, when we could discuss this blight openly, shall we?

See the pretty white girls running (well,swimming) away from the black man as fast as they can?

See the sex-crazed white man who is so out of control that he would even go after a "stinking wench"?

I know of another such piece of anti-miscegenation propaganda which depicts a white woman in a swimming pool, the top of her bosom just out of the water, with two black men looking on. One black man says to another, "I just love white meat!" The cartoon is a double-entendre, since it is referring both to the association of black people and the consumption of fried chicken, and then referring to the white woman (whose breasts they are ogling) as "white meat."

Make no mistake, folks, the message of this ad is clear:

If you vote Democrat, we'll have mixin' of the races, and that can't be good.

(NB: for the really, really pea-brained people out there, this post is not intended to be an endorsement of Harold Ford.)